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2020 Camp ExtravaBANDza COVID-19 Update.


Unfortunatly, the 2020 edition of Camp ExtravaBANDza has been canceled because of the COVID-19 outbreak. We have recieved word that the Middle Georgia State University campus will be closed to groups during the month of June.  


Tuition refunds will be put in the mail on Friday, April 17.  Please email campextravabandza@gmail.com if you have any questions.

A Summer Camp for Middle School Band Students


All middle school band students are welcome to attend Camp ExtravaBANDza.  Students should have at least one year of band or lesson experience to attend the camp.  Camp ExtravaBANDza provides campers a wonderful opportunity to have fun, make great music, and learn in a well-supervised, safe environment. All camp activities will be held on the Cochran campus of Middle Gerogia State University. Instruction will be provided by experienced music educators with proven success working with middle school band students. In addition to great musical instruction, campers will enjoy great recreational activities, team building exercises, leadership training…and even arts and crafts!


Why choose Camp ExtravaBANDza?


The primary goal of Camp ExtravaBANDza is to offer a great music camp experience at an affordable price. Our experienced and dedicated staff is recognized for excellence in teaching young people and has a proven track record of motivating young students to high levels of achievement.


Master Classes for each instrument are designed to help students develop an understanding of their instruments, as well as methods for developing better range, tone quality, technique, and expression in performing.


Large and small ensemble instruction gives students numerous opportunities to rehearse, perform, and experience making music.


Supervised Recreational Activities include pool time, walking trails, ensemble performances, movie night, ice cream social, dance, arts and crafts, and other opportunities to socialize with fellow campers.

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